About Me


Born in rural Herefordshire, and raised on classical music, the great outdoors, English literature & Disney films, I always felt there were great stories and works of art all around me, I longed to share & help create.

I was a very imaginative child, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with fantasy worlds & characters, which seemed to connect with me on a meaningful level. I adored the works of Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter & Cecily Mary Barker, Alan Lee’s Middle Earth illustrations, and the pen & ink drawings of Jill Murphy in her ‘Worst Witch’ series. These were probably some of my earliest influences among others, but as a child I was obsessed with drawing.


In my school years, I was very studious. I loved English & History because of the stories and accounts of human lives or ‘worlds that were’ . It gave a great source of inspiration for both my drawing and writing outside of school. I also illustrated some of my exercise books, and created my own revision pamphlets with a pictoral code that helped me to remember things. In break times & for special events, I caricatured my friends & teachers (thank you for your patience!) I also designed the new school badge at high school, won a cartoon competition on Art & Science, and painted wall murals in my local primary school on the subject of jungles and fairies. In sixth form, I became interested in Psychology, and how to visualise aspects of the mind, in particular with regard to personality & dreaming.


Me at University In 2005 I studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Design & Animation at Glyndwr University, the first year of which was spent working on design principles, storyboarding, and 2D drawn animation. In the second & third year I specialised in constructing sets & puppets for 3D Stop-Motion, undertaking a short course at Bristol University during the summer, and producing & editing two short films based on Greek myths. I conducted a research project into animated music videos, wrote a dissertation on drawing personality & expression, and proudly graduated with a First Class Honours in 2008.

Two years later I returned to Glyndwr to study for an M.A in Creative Media, specialising in Illustration. With a view to re-focusing my expertise on the still image, I caught up on general Art History & drawing fundamentals, experimented with both digital & traditional painting techniques, and applied to illustration competitions as a means of expanding my professional portfolio. Founding the Art Collective “GLOOP” was another one of the highlights of the course, and we still operate as a strong support network today.


Me at The Big Art ShowAfter completing the M.A, I worked on a freelance basis from my home in Shropshire, taking on commissions and exhibiting my work in the local area. I’ve had the immense pleasure of working on a number of client briefs over the years, including wedding invitations, logo designs, t-shirt designs, cd covers, greetings cards and personal avatars, some of which you can see in the gallery here.

In 2016, I decided to take a short break to embark on a new career, and make some positive changes to my life. This is having an incredibly positive and refreshing impact on my art, and I currently post any new images or news updates to my Facebook Page. As my inspirations and skills continue to grow, I likewise hope that my work takes on new forms, and strives to connect in the best way possible with people, and the subjects I feel passionate about.

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you – please send me an email, or contact me via Facebook.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read & visit my site. I hope you enjoy my work!




  • Shrewsbury V.A.N Gallery (group show with the GLOOP Collective) – June 2012
  • The New Welsh Assembly Building, Llandudno (with GLOOP) – September 2012
  • Glyndwr University, Wrexham (M.A Show) – April 2013
  • The National Trust Chirk Castle (as part of the Helfa Gelf Trail) – September 2014
  • Oswestry Framing (Halloween window with GLOOP) – October 2014
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury, Halloween Horrorfest – October 2014
  • The Big Art Show, West Midland Showground – July 2015
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury (solo show) – October 2015
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Halloween Horrorfest – October 2015
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Winter Exhibition – January 2016