Artwork for Music

I can produce illustrations for music packaging, including:

  • Front & back CD cover design (with or without typography)
  • Images for insert or a lyrics booklet

I can also create custom illustrations to go alongside digital downloads or online marketing campaigns, band posters etc.

I am a big music fan, so creating artwork to go alongside my favourite tracks has always been a passion. I believe in not only coming up with beautiful, original designs, but also making sure the tone of my illustrations fit the visual identity of the musician(s). My taste in music is varied & I always look forward to hearing new stuff! For my degree in Design & Animation, I studied music videos, and the combination of adding visuals to sound. I aim to get the same sense of movement & rhythm in my still images, working with the pace & colour of the track to dictate the overall style, and using the lyrics to add flourishes of narrative.

Rob Vincent CD artyvor cd