I am a UK-based artist & illustrator, with a passion for bringing amazing ideas to life through my work. I am largely self-taught, having drawn in my spare time from a very early age. Academically, I graduated with a First Class B.A (Hons) in Design & Animation in 2008, and an M.A in Creative Media, specialising in Illustration, five years later. I then started working freelance, selling my work in galleries, and doing commissions, some of which you can see in my portfolio here. I’ve had an array of different clients and customers over the years, from family & friends, to local businesses, upcoming musicians, and charities I support. I enjoy applying my expressive style to a number of different briefs, and also create my own work fairly regularly.

My inspirations mostly come from books, music, nature, dance & theatre, mythology & fairytales, history, spirituality, and people in general.. I’ve always been very imaginative and enjoy interpreting life on a number of different levels. I am also very studious, and learning new things plays a big role in the work I produce. I like to capture the unique essence of my subject, and approach every piece with an open mind. My artistic influences growing up included the classical art of Ancient Egypt & Greece, to the Pre-Raphaelites and Art Nouveau, turn-of-the-century illustrators like Beatrix Potter & Cicely Mary Barker, and contemporary fantasy artists like Chris Riddell, Tony DiTerlizzi, and Yoshitaka Amano. They continue to inspire me to create images that look beautiful, but also tell a story or convey a message.¬† My favourite media to work with are inks, watercolours, pencils and biros, and I also use Photoshop occasionally to add effects or details.

If you would like to enquire about prints or artwork originals, please get in touch via the ‘Contact‘ link above or email me at heathermaloneillustration@gmail.com . I am also available for commission, and post news of any upcoming projects, or drawings I am working on, on my Facebook Page.

Thanks for visiting & hope you enjoy!