Saveafox Rescue – Fox Collection

Over the summer, I set myself the challenge of creating a mini watercolour portrait of each of the main foxes at Saveafox Rescue. I wanted to really capture their unique personalities, and I’m super proud of the results. You can see the full collection on my Facebook page here. To support the rescue, I’ve also created some special fox-themed merchandise on my Redbubble shop here, where I will donate the profits. Saveafox are also selling the designs in their official fox shop and have recorded this wonderful video, where they mention my art at 1:28!

A School Inspector Calls – Book Illustration

I have recently created cover artwork for the satirical novella ‘A School Inspector Calls,’ written by Chris Malone (my amazing and talented mother) and published by Burton-Mayers Books, in April 2022. This was a wonderful opportunity to use my skills to translate the colourful characters and dramatic content into an eye-catching visual. I wanted it to have the whimsical feel of a children’s book, with a more serious message if you look closer. Who is the fool in the school? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Available to order on Amazon


‘Saveafox’ Memorial Print

The Saveafox Rescue in Minnesota is a very special organisation to me. Their work looking after foxes in need is incredible, and the videos on their Youtube channel make me smile every day! When I heard one of my favourite foxes had passed away, I had to do a painting to remember his personality. Saveafox have now added it to their official merchandise, as a limited edition print!! I am so happy to be able to support the rescue, and from something sad came a heartwarming experience. R.I.P sweet Valentine.

Valentine art

New Studio Tour 2022

I’ve just moved into a new workspace, dedicated to my art. Here are a few glimpses as it comes together!


Inktober 2021

I decided to embark on the Inktober challenge during the month of October. Though this was during a particularly disruptive time in my life, I managed to compete a series of black & white illustrations, including the following.

Wedding Ducks 2020

Here are some glimpses of an amazing duck-themed wedding invitation I illustrated, showing the process from initial concept sketches (sent by the client) to the finished artwork and printed programme of events. I am so proud to have been involved in presenting such a special event, and hope to offer this as a bespoke service in the near future (watch this space)…

wedding ducks for website

‘FaerieVision’ – New Range!

During the 2020 lockdown, it’s been hard not being able to go outside and enjoy nature. To combat this, I’ve been going through some of my photographs and manipulations, taken on various outings, adventures, and visits to friends’ gardens, across England and Wales, and have created somewhere I can share and sell them on Redbubble. My vision is to imagine life as a faerie – where plants and flowers tower over you, light up at night, and create a magical environment full of secret meaning and wonder. This is ‘FaerieVision‘ – I hope you enjoy it!

faerievision header

Halloween 2017

For two years running, I have contributed illustrations for the Halloween event at my local National Trust property. Here are some information boards from the display, and fun potion trail from last year.

NT Halloween Work


  • Conwy Pirate Festival – June 2019
  • The Conwy Tournament – June 2017
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Winter Exhibition – January 2016
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Halloween Horrorfest – October 2015
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury (solo show) – October 2015
  • The Big Art Show, West Midland Showground – July 2015
  • The Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury, Halloween Horrorfest – October 2014
  • Oswestry Framing (Halloween window + GLOOP) – October 2014
  • The National Trust Chirk Castle (as part of the Helfa Gelf Trail) – September 2014
  • Glyndwr University, Wrexham (M.A Show) – April 2013
  • The New Welsh Assembly Building, Llandudno Junction (GLOOP) – September 2012
  • Shrewsbury V.A.N Gallery (with the GLOOP Collective) – June 2012
  • Llangollen Fringe Festival (with Photernative Group) – July 2011



‘A School Inspector Calls’ (book cover illustration)

Written by Chris Malone, Published by Burton-Mayers Books, 2022

ASIC book

GLOOP Zine Issue #1 (self-published)

GLOOP zine